What makes a sound engineer a good engineer? So for us, a sound ma must become part of the band when we enter the studio. He should feel and understand our message and approach. He should know where we are coming from – music-wise and on a personal level. At the same time, he should interpret what we deliver and show us his thoughts about it. The ability to add something to our art without changing its essence is another key capability – and of course total control over his craft. All of this is Timo.


The production is wide, fat and crystal clear. Everything has its place and sounds just great. Through my studio headphones, this album is an experience without anything interfering. TIMO ROTTEN was responsible for the mix and LASSE LAMMERT for the master. Good music and good production result in good quality. You have my vote. Review for Arroganz - Morsus on zephyrs-odem.de

Zephyrs-Odem.de / Christian Egger

Our noise squad VERDERVER has been searching for a long time for someone who could cast all our multi-layered elements into a solid form. All the harshness and brutality, as well as the subtly playful synthesizers, were very difficult to bring into symbiosis. Timo did an outstanding job of managing it. He brought a clarity to our extremely technical sound that we couldn't have asked for better. We can't wait to work with him again to improve our grudgingly tracks.

Vincent / Verderver

What stands out first of all: The crisp production. ARROGANZ have never been cost-conscious in terms of that and have felt rather less comfortable in the cozy BM hobby basement, but from the roasting guitars to a bass foundation of concrete to the fantastic drums (that snare!) "Morsus" drives up to date probably the most transparent and baller, but at the same time also the most atmospheric production, which the band has ever had. Review for Arroganz - Morsus on metal.de

metal.de / Alexander Santel
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