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Timo Rotten

Timo RottenMusic Lover Age: 30-something Experience: 20 years Specialization: Rock & Metal, Production, Mix & Master About Me Hey, I'm Timo. I'm an experienced music professional with 20 years in the industry as a producer, audio engineer, and musician. I've toured extensively worldwide and worked in recording studios across Germany. You want to take your next music release to the next level. Let's make it happen! Want to know more? Let's have a chat right now Send E-Mail ExperienceMix & Mastering What makes a mix really great? Sure, it must be sonically great, perfectly balanced and well made. But what really makes a mix stand out is, when it enhances the essence of the song. My mixes always aim to transport the emotion of the song right into the listener. Music should touch your soul after all, don't you think? Songwriting Songwriting has always been more than just a hobby for me, it is a passion. Since my early teenage years I have tried to improve my songwriting skills constantly. It comes naturally that I have played in a couple of bands too, some of my releases even entered the charts. Music Production I'm a people person. My biggest strength is, that I have a lot of empathy. That's why I always manage to share YOUR vision for YOUR music. See me as a sparring partner, who wants to bring you and your music to the next level. SkillsSongwriting 100%Mixing 100%Mastering 100%Riding a unicycle 11%
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