The whole no-brainer package – if you book a full music production, you get 100% of me. No comporomises.


I work with you on your music as a producer until we get the most out of it. This includes songwriting and arrangement, as well as adding additional effects like synthies, harmonies or whatever the song might still need to become exceptional.


You already have a cool recording studio in mind? No problem, I can work with you there. You don’t have the budget for a professional studio, then no problem. I can record all instruments (except drums) and vocals pretty much everywhere, your rehearsal room for example. Together we make sure, that your tracks have the highest quality possible and are played tight.

Mixing & Mastering

During Mixing & Mastering I always take into account every reference track you have. We will adjust the sound until you are completely happy with the results. Trust me, when you get your first masters, you will be blown away.


The price range goes from 7-9k, but it always depends on the scope of your project. Use the “Make a request” button to provide more information on your project and based on that I will send you a detailed quote.

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