Why should you pay for a studioroom that you actually don’t need?

Have recording rooms become obsolete?

The recording world has shifted over the past decade and while it is still nice to have a big recording studio, I decided against it. Why? Because most of the time we wouldn’t use it anyways, but I’d still have to charge you for it. Big studio rooms produce costs, that my customers, e.g. you would have to pay for. Without having my own recording studio you pay for one thing only: 100% of my time and skill.

Recording is mobile

When you hire me to produce or record your music, you can reap the benefits of me being flexible. When a big room is needed, e.g. for drum recordings we can use your rehearsal room or rent a recording studio near you. For everything else, pretty much anything is possible. I bring all the necessary equipment, so that we can easily track guitars in your living room, if that’s what suits you best.


This high level of flexibility allows me to offer you productions at a lower price, than I would have to charge when owning a big recording studio myself. So when you think about a professional partner to make your next record, then don’t spend your hard earned money on renting a big room for 10 days and use it only 3 days in the end. You’re smarter than that.

I’m ready when you are!


The price range goes from 3-5k, but it always depends on the scope of your project. Use the “Make a request” button to provide more information on your project and based on that I will send you a detailed quote.

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