Mastering is the final stage of music production. The last touch before your material can go out into the masses. I make sure they get the best result possible.

My masters are always loud enough to compete with others, while still keeping the natural dynamics of the song.

Elevating certain sonic characteristics, enhancing the stereo field or simply make it loud enough. These are just some vital parts of mastering. Rest assured that you don’t have to think about any of these, when you book me for your mastering.

I will provide clean and powerful Masters for your tracks that cut through the noise in digital streaming platforms, but still keep their dynamics.

You need special masters for vinyl, iTunes or other occasions? No problem. Just let me know what differents formats your release will have and I take care of the rest.


I charge 80 € net per song for mastering. That’s it.

Pricing examples

  • 80 € for a single song
  • 320 € for a 4-track EP
  • 800 € for a 10-track studio album


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